As we make our way through our topsy turvy lives we can sometimes encounter changes in our sleep patterns. Difficulty getting to sleep, waking up through the night, waking too early or sometimes sleeping too much. These changes can become a regular struggle adding to the daily challenges we already have. For most of us these disturbances generally only last for a short time, whether caused by illness, work, children etc…. Sleepless nights become an issue when they last for a prolonged period. When we become sleep deprived it can have a detrimental effect on your mental and physical health as well as impacting relationships and our social life.

You may find you experience symptoms like: Fatigue, mood changes, difficulty concentrating, poor memory, poor balance, low sex drive, weakened immunity, accidents, hallucinations, weight gain.

 In Solution focused hypnotherapy you will learn about the invaluable process of our sleep cycle and how it contributes to the repair and rest of our mind and body. I will help you to achieve a good sleep pattern, enabling your mind to process all the worries of the day so that you can get up the morning feeling refreshed, in control and motivated.