Study Calm

Hypno4Children found that one of the biggest reasons the 10+ age group were coming to them for help was for school study and exam performance. This was why they created ‘study calm’ to help older children, teens and young adults with their exam worries and nerves, under-performing and motivation to do homework and study.

I will help your young person to understand what is happening in their brain and with a series of #brainhack ideas they can gain better control over their thoughts, feelings, and subsequent behaviours. These #brainhack self-help techniques are lifelong resources to help them surf the waves of adulthood.

This a shared journey for you, your child, and your therapist. It is so important that everyone is on board. I encourage an initial short chat either on the phone or by zoom to go over what the therapy sessions will involve and how you can help and support your young person through this process.

 For young people up to the age of 14 it is recommended that a parent/adult remain present during the sessions, however, there is a waiting room for those to wait during sessions if this is preferred and everyone is comfortable.

On average older children and teens require between 3 and 6 sessions but this can vary. Sessions generally last between 50 minutes to an hour.