Hypno for Children

Hypno4Children uses a brilliant combination of the best aspects of therapy to help your child. I will use the MINDHACK system which utilises a Solution Focused approach, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Thought Field Therapy (TFT), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Positive Psychology and Coaching as well as hypnosis.

This system helps your child to understand their brain and how it works. We will investigate their awareness of their triggers and patterns of behaviour. They will learn about wonky thoughts and unhelpful worries and how to neutralise or ‘nerf’ them away. They will create their inner wellbeing box with tools and resources to help them kickstart their confidence again. The techniques they learn during these sessions will stay with them into adulthood, helping them to surf those waves as they come, big and small.

This a shared journey for you, your child, and your therapist. It is so important that everyone is on board for a successful outcome. I encourage an initial short chat either on the phone or by zoom to go over what the therapy sessions will involve and how you can help and support your child through this process. This can be followed by an arranged short meet and greet session, usually for around 15 minutes with you and your child before we begin our appointment sessions. This can be in person or online using Zoom. This gives your child a chance to meet me and become familiar with the therapy room, reducing anxiety for our first session.

Session times last for about 45 minutes and on average children require between 3 and 6 sessions.