Low Mood

All of us can feel low from time to time, it is a normal emotional response we have when we are triggered by an upsetting event in our lives. This can last momentarily, a few days or for several weeks but when our mood doesn’t improve, we can start to feel like we are in quicksand being sucked deeper and deeper.  We lose interest in the things we have always enjoyed and can start withdrawing from our friends and loved ones becoming more and more isolated.

 It can take a huge amount of bravery to reach out for help, so be proud of yourself, you are already on your pathway to finding a happier you. Solution focused hypnotherapy teaches you about the workings of your mind and why you are feeling the way you do. You will start to view things more positively, searching for solutions rather than focusing on the problems. You will develop your very own healthy mind toolbox as a lifelong resource so you can maintain being the person you want to be.